Instructor Information

John D.

John is an honorably discharged USMC combat veteran.  He was an explosives specialist, a combat lifesaver and an embedded instructor.

John is also a Wilderness EMT who has led rescues out of the Grand Canyon, and in remote environments after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas, working with the Red Cross and the Department of Defense.  

Before teaching for SOLO, John conducted academic research for the National Science Foundation and taught for the Department of Education, helping other veterans.

Josh M.

Josh is the Captain of the Conway, NH Fire Department and commands the High and Low Angle White Mountain Search and Rescue Team.  He has conducted thousands of rescues.  Josh is also the Assistant Director of Education at SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities).

Josh is a Paramedic and Wilderness Paramedic Instructor.  He has trained people from all walks of life including first responders, hippies and Special Forces Instructors, and he is passionate about driving education in creative, non-traditional formats that are purpose-driven.

Dustin K.

Dustin is an honorably discharged USMC veteran who managed the security for American personnel stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  

Before joining SOLO, Dustin worked for the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) and handled logistics for veterans attempting to further their education at ASU.  

Dustin is a Wilderness EMT, experienced in backcountry rescue.  In addition to wilderness medicine, Dustin also teaches survival and backcountry vehicle operation, maintenance and recovery courses in a variety of locations.